Cambridge University Press

Academic Publishing:


Cambridge is one of the world's largest and most prestigious academic publishers and is acclaimed for its list of journals, textbooks, monographs and practitioner guides, in subjects from medicine and law to literature and classics. Cambridge's academic publishing includes around 200 journals, around 1200 new books each year, and its historic Bibles list.
Cambridge University Press is widely respected as a world leader in publishing for subjects as diverse as astronomy, Shakespeare studies, economics, mathematics and politics. In the sciences, the Press has published authors from William Harvey and Isaac Newton, through Rutherford, Einstein and Schrödinger, to Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, alongside authoritative organizations such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Press publishes in such pioneering areas as bioinformatics, string theory, astrophysics and planetary science. In medicine, the acquisition of Greenwich Medical Media has expanded an already strong list to include exam-led and syllabus-led publishing. In the humanities and social sciences, the Press publishes Umberto Eco, Amartya Sen, Richard Rorty, Wole Soyinka and Noam Chomsky, together with agencies such as the World Trade Organization and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Quality and validation of content

The imprint of the University of Cambridge is a hallmark of the finest scholarly writing and pedagogy. Publication is authorized by a University body, the Press Syndicate, which bears responsibility for the quality of the works produced. The Syndicate is advised by a staff of professional editors, who rely in turn on rigorous peer reviews from thousands of academics and professionals around the world.

Design, production and printing

Cambridge has always set standards in design and typography, and continues its long history of excellence and innovation in the current era of digital printing. We are unique among global publishers in having our own printing house, which carries out the majority of our academic printing. The printing house has a history of winning industry awards, both for its output and for its modern apprenticeship scheme.

Cooperation with authors

The Press publishes authors at all stages in their careers: teachers, young researchers, established academics and professionals, and Nobel laureates. It works in close partnership with authors through development and editorial stages of any new publication. Electronic support is offered online to all commissioned authors.

Meeting our customers' needs

Press staff are based in over 30 countries worldwide, researching needs, and providing information, training and other support services to the scholarly and teaching communities. Our six warehouses in five continents, and relationships with specialist as well as global retailers, ensure that all Press products reach the customers for whom they are written.