Europa Law Publishing

A legal publisher specializing in European Union law, international trade law, public international law, environmental law and comparative national law, is perhaps the best way to describe Europa Law Publishing.
We are a small, independent publisher of quality legal books and committed to high standards.

As a small-scale publisher, ELP has the ability to publish manuscripts in a relatively short time span. Personal attention to all our authors is of paramount importance to the publisher.
The first book, the  second edition of European Environmental Law by Prof. J.H. Jans, was published in September 2000. Since then over 30 titles have been published, and  the aim is to publish between 10 and 20 new titles each year

Europa Law Publishing is represented at various legal events as for instance:
  • FIDE Conferences
  • British and Irish Association of Law Librarians Annual Conferences
American Association of Law Libraries, Annual Meetings & Conferences

About the Avosetta Group
The Avosetta Group is a small informal group of lawyers whose main purpose is to further the development of environmental law in the European Union and its Member States. Avosetta is the Latin name of a rare bird which resulted in the European Court of Justice establishing far-reaching principles of European nature protection law in the German Leybucht Case.  It has its own website on

Those participating in Avosetta are invited due to the recognition of their distinction in European environmental law, and they take part in a personal and independent capacity. Nevertheless, Avosetta discussions aim to reflect a comprehensive cross-section of legal cultures within Europe. The Avosetta Series, published by Europa Law Publishing, publishes texts that present innovative discourse on European Environmental Law