About IOS Press

IOS Press publishes some 85 international journals, ranging from computer science and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences and 100-125 book titles a year. Commencing its publishing activities in 1987, IOS Press services a variety of scientific and medical communities in all parts of the world. IOS Press is a fast growing publishing company, which follows the developments in publishing closely. All journals are available online and an online book platform has been launched.

Following its founding, IOS Press established several co-publishing initiatives. Its most recent expansion is the acquisition of the Delft University Press list at the end of 2005.

IOS Press, Inc. was established in the Washington, D.C. area in 1990 and shortly after, a co-publishing relationship was established with Ohmsha. Ltd., Tokyo. In 1996 IOS Press and Ohmsha re-established the Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft Aka GmbH in Berlin, Germany. Aka publishes books and journals in German. The first book appeared in 1997, the first journal in 1998. In 2000 Aka merged with the German publisher Infix, a publisher of German language books in Artificial Intelligence and other areas of Computer Science. IOS Press is responsible for the marketing of the English language part of the Aka list. In 1998 a joint venture between Science Press, Beijing, Ohmsha and IOS Press was established in Beijing, reflecting the ever-increasing importance of scientific research being conducted in China. This company publishes for the Chinese market and does typesetting work in world languages. In October 2005, IOS Press took over the Delft University Press list, a well-established Dutch university publishing house, with an annual production of 100 book titles. The complete list of Delft University Press, which was built up by the scientific publishing house of the TU Delft over the last 30 years, consists of 800 titles.

As of 1998, IOS Press also became the publisher for the NATO Advanced Study Institutes and Partnership subseries publications in the subject disciplines of Life and Behavioural Sciences and Computer & Systems Sciences. In 2005, NATO's Security through Science Program was launched, resulting in two new book series for IOS Press; Information and Communication and Human and Societal Dynamics.