Client Zone

Dear Bookseller,

Here is an updated version of the Marek Lewinson website which many of our East European book trade customers have been using for some time now, more or less regularly. We have just introduced certain upgrades and changes which should be interesting for you. Please remember that our website does not replace publisher websites, there would be no point in duplicating the information. Our idea is to present you with tools that might be useful in your work with individual, institutional and corporate customers. Many of the features have been introduced at specific requests from some of you. Others are still at preparatory stage and will be implemented soon.

We are always happy to hear from you. If you have any further comments or suggestions that might improve the website (which is a living thing we hope), please do contact me on:

Please note that there are also separate microsites for lecturers and librarians, where we intend to provide specific product information from our publishers and tools for these two specialist professions. You are welcome to direct your librarians and lecturers to the appropriate sections of this website so that they can use it for their benefit. But naturally we are not going to influence their buying decisions, other than through recommendation and provision of relevant information.