Client Zone

Dear Librarian,

Here is a section of the Marek Lewinson website which is meant specifically for East European librarians and institutional customers.

This is where you will find useful information about new and forthcoming publications, ready subject lists to assist you in order enquiries and tenders, recommended bestsellers, e-book packages, prepublication price offers on reference titles, electronic leaflets and catalogues or even presentations of some key titles, series or product groups from our publishers, and much more. Separate attention is given to national-interest titles and East European authors.

Please remember that our website does not replace publisher websites, there would be no point in duplicating the information. Our objective is to give you ready tools to make your professional life and work easier.

Note please that we do not intend to change your acquisition patterns (whether you buy through tenders, specific local or foreign booksellers, specialist websites or directly from publishers). It is entirely up to you if and how you want to order, though if you need help with it we can offer recommendations.

We are always happy to hear from you. If you have any further comments or suggestions that might improve the website (which is a living thing we hope), please do contact me on:

You can also recommend the Lecturers Section of this website to the teachers and didactic workers of your school or university who use your library, if you think it would be advantageous for them.

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