For Prospective East European Authors

What We Offer:

Our publishers already have scores of authors from Eastern Europe. But it does not mean they do not want to see more such contributions. They certainly appreciate the vast potential of East European Academia and they will be glad to take advantage of these invaluable resources.

We are happy to act as a relay station or a go-between for authors from East European countries and our publishers.

We are not commissioning editors or publishers, so we cannot promise you that the book will be published. The decision is not ours to make, we can just make a recommendation and pass the information on to competent people.

What we can make sure of instead is that your book proposal will be considered by at least one commisioning editor from one of our publishers (naturally depending on the subject of your proposed book) and that you will receive a reply directly from such an editor regarding the publishing decision.

How to Submit a Book Proposal:
  • All such book proposals need to be made electronically as an email with attachments.
  •  All books proposals need to be made in English
  • Please entitle your email: Book Proposal:
    and then add your Surname and Book Title
  • Please attach the following information:
    1. one-page-long description of the book, the proposed audience and the reason why you feel it is needed - obligatory
    2. table of contents (summary of chapters) - obligatory
    3. one sample chapter - obligatory (ideally with samples of graphic materials)
    4. your academic CV including bibliography (both local and foreign) - obligatory
    5. your full contact details with an email address - obligatory
    6. reviews from your academic colleagues (peer review) - optional
    7. list of  international events and professional conferences where you feel your book would do well if presented - optional
    8. list of courses and universities (if the proposed book is a textbook) where you feel it could be used to teach - optional


All submitted book proposals are acknowledged and you receive progress report until the relevant editor makes the final decision.

And here is something that might be useful, a presentation of how editorial on new books are made at CRC Press, the STM Division of Taylor & Francis.

Presentation For Prospective East European Authors

With best regards and wishes of GOOD LUCK!

Marek Lewinson