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Gazelle Book Services are book distributors in the UK and worldwide and we are one of the most experienced book distribution companies in Europe, We offer a fast, flexible and effective book distribution service stretching across the UK & Continental Europe to Scandinavia, the Baltics and Eastern Europe. Our services also extend to South Africa, the Middle East, India and S. E. Asia.

The Gazelle team is well motivated and most have over a decade of experience in their own areas of expertise within the company, and indeed covering all areas of the book industry. Our professional team of representatives and agents provide a complete sales service supported by our in-house marketing and promotions team.

Since its inception in 1988, book distributors Gazelle has built up a portfolio of internationally acclaimed client publishers in both general trade publishing and in Academic & Scholarly publishing and has two distinct Trade and Academic divisions.

Top 24 Academic/Trade Academic Publishers

1. Nova Science (USA)
Nova's main areas of publishing are the Social Sciences, Medicine and Biology, and Science and Technology. Producing over 1,500 new titles by leading researchers each year, and have a network of expert authors, editors and advisors spanning the global academic community in pursuit of advanced research developments. Their publications include hardcover, softcover, electronic books, online publications, videos and DVDs, reference books, monographs and edited collections, as well as over fifty academic and professional journals in print and electronic formats.

2. Hackett (USA)
Established in 1972, Hackett Publishing Company is a privately held, staunchly independent publisher,
HPC’s list has expanded steadily over the years to include state-of-the-art translations, editions, and original works by eminent scholars—with publishing programs in philosophy, political theory, classics, history, literature, Latin American studies, and Asian thought. Its uniform and utilitarian book covers have given way to less standard, occasionally provocative, ones.

3. TFM Publishing (UK)
TFM Publishing is an independent family-owned company specialising in academic medical publishing, that is continuing to grow their academic range of titles in the areas of vascular medicine, vascular surgery, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, orthopedics and trauma, neurology, neurosurgery, anesthesia, critical care and intensive care medicine, and urology.

4. Sussex Academic Press (UK)
Sussex Academic serves the international academic community and promotes learning and scholarship to a global audience. They committed to publishing to the highest standards across a wide range of academic subject disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The Press supports authors through strong editorial and development skills, and is committed to serving the world of scholarship by promoting their authors’ writing and research endeavors so that they make the maximum impact on their readership and profession. The Press publishing program addresses issues of contemporary relevance and debate in Middle East topics, Theology & Religion, History, and Literary Criticism. University editorship and publishing cooperation with universities mostly falls under the Sussex Libraries of Study, which include Latin American, First Nations, Spanish History, and Asian studies. Two new series have been launched: The Portuguese-Speaking World: Its History, Politics and Culture, under the editorship of António Costa Pinto, Onésimo T. Almeida and Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo; and Critical Voices, offering accessible introductions to the key ideas of significant thinkers in literary studies and cultural criticism under the editorship of David Jonathan Y. Bayot.

5. Assimil Press (France)
Based in France, Assimil Press is the forerunner of self-learning language methods and referances when it comes to foreign languages. Both their books and packs, combine flexibility, humor and autonomy with the Assimil method, resulting, in them having over 100 different language publications.

6. Baylor University Press (USA)
Baylor University Press is an academic, peer-reviewed press publishing primarily in the field of Religion (as well as its cognate fields, including history, philosophy, and ethics), there are diverse ways in which religion shapes projects that they publish.
Established in 1897, Baylor University Press publishes about thirty new books each year for scholars, students, and intellectually curious general readers. With a leading program in religious studies, Baylor University Press also boasts stellar works of social criticism, publishing in the areas of cultural studies, sociology, rhetoric, political science, history, popular culture, and literary criticism.

7. Liberty Fund (USA)
Liberty Fund has published over 400 titles for scholars, students, and general readers since its first publication, Education in a Free Society, appeared in 1973. Most titles explore some aspect of the interrelationship of liberty and responsibility in individual life, society, and governance. (Their main subjects are political philosophy, American studies, and economics)

8. Scitus Academics (USA)
Founded in 2015, Scitus is an Academic Publishing Company publishing academic and reference books in Scientific, Technology subjects for Higher Education. Scitus Academics LLC’s primary goal is to provide superior quality, informative and value driven learning materials covering a broad range of subjects and topics. With over 700+ published titles they are now expanding and launching a new imprint -Socialy Press that will focus on Social Sciences and Humanities titles.

9. Museum Tusculanum Press (Denmark)
Museum Tusculanum Press was founded in 1975 as an independent, non-profit academic publishing house. The aim of the publishing house is to publish generally informative books and peer reviewed scholarly works of the highest quality. Most of their authors are attached to the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Library, but the number of titles written by authors attached to other institutions at home and abroad is steadily increasing. Museum Tusculanum Press publishes about 60 titles a year within the humanities, social sciences and theology. The titles cover many languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Latin, Greek, Modern Greek, Egyptian-Arabic, Polish, Lithuanian and more exotic languages, such as Minor Mlabri, Tibetan and Tuareg.

10. Fitness Information Technology (USA)
Fitness Information Technology (FiT) Publishing is an international publisher in the sport sciences and operates under the division of the International Center for Performance Excellence (ICPE) in the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at West Virginia University
FiT publishes books, peer-reviewed journals, and digital products in sport psychology, sport and cultural studies, sport management, and physical education.

11. Wilfrid Laurier University Press (Canada)
Founded in 1974, Wilfrid Laurier University Press publishes books in the social sciences and humanities, with specialisations in indigenous studies, environmental humanities, feminism and women’s studies, life writing, poetry, literary criticism, international politics, sociology, social work, and history. They publish work of scholarly integrity, skillfully edited, designed, produced, and marketed, advancing new developments in scholarly discourse and contributing to education within and beyond the university, reflecting both our local and global communities and cultures
through the world of ideas. Wilfred Laurier University Press Publish 25-30 titles a year and boast over 700 titles in print.

12. Studentlitteratur (Sweden)
Studentlitteratur is an education and academic oriented publishing company based in Sweden and publishing mostly in Swedish. The company was established in 1963 and is based in the university city of Lund. The company offers textbooks in various categories, including accounting and finance, computer science, language and culture, law, marketing, mathematics and engineering, research and scientific writing, and organization. It sells its products through retailers.

13. University of Alberta Press (Canada)
The University of Alberta Press (UAP) is an academic unit of Learning Services and has a national and international reputation for its impact on research and teaching, due to their diverse and far-ranging scholarly publishing program that is recognised annually with a host of awards for excellence in both scholarship and publishing. (other subject’s cultural studies, travel writing and Literary Criticism)

14. Technics Publications (USA)
In 2005, Steve Hoberman wrote and published a book on data modeling that was a relatively new concept for a technical book at the time: easy-to-read and practical. He continued to write and publish data modeling books, but also knew the value of easy-to-read and practical books at a broader scale, branching out into technology and business leadership books. Today Technics Publications boasts over 100 titles, with some of the most impressive works in the industry including DAMA’s DMBOK, those by Bill Inmon, and the IDMA series.
filling in niches within the data and leadership book space, such as data modeling and data strategy. They have also published some of the most creative works in the field, such as The Hidden Corporation, a data management security novel, and the fruITion trilogy, novels on the fragile business/IT relationship.

15. Monash University Publishing (Australia)
Monash University Publishing publishes scholarship of the highest standard across the humanities and social sciences, and specialises in Asian Studies, Politics, Education, Communications, and the study of Australian history, culture and literature.

16. Sagamore Publishing (USA)
Sagamore Publishing has been providing educational and academic materials for educators, practitioners and students for over forty years. They currently offer educational materials in the following fields of study: health education, physical education, leisure education, outdoor recreation and education, recreational therapy, park and recreation administration, hospitality and tourism management, sport management, and athletic training.

17. Otago University Press (New Zealand)
New Zealand’s oldest academic publisher, Otago University Press publishes a wide range of non-fiction books on New Zealand and the Pacific, giving special emphasis to history, natural history, Māori and Pacific, biography/memoir, poetry, literature and the arts. Otago University Press also publishes Landfall, New Zealand's longest-running and leading journal of new art and writing. Otago publishes 20–25 new titles a year and has a vibrant backlist of about 150 titles.

18. Murach (USA)
Founded by Mike Murach in 1972 after a successful career across the business industry Murach now publishes a host of books covering Web design, web development, Python programming, Java programing, Database programming, C# Programing, Visual basic programing, Mobile development, and Mainframe programming. Murach pride themselves on only publishing one book on each subject to maintain quality and do everything they can to publish the best book on each subject

19. University of Calgary Press (Canada)
The University of Calgary Press is a scholarly publisher that embody the spirit of curiosity inherent in scholarly inquiry. They invest in ideas that inform how we think and shape our world, and connect local realities to global experiences. On questions of history and identity, people and nature, policy and community; from the transpolar to the southern cone; from places in the mind to places all over the world, their books engage a central theme––what matters?

20. Samfundslitterature Press (Denmark)
Samfundslitteratur is an independent university press with strong ties to Copenhagen Business School. Samfundslitteratur publishes under its own name and the following three imprints: Roskilde University Press, New Social Science Monograph and Biofolia. Roskilde University Press primarily publishes textbooks within higher education within the area of teaching, psychology, communication and philosophy/methods. New Social Science Monograph titles are mainly in social studies, and Biofolia publishes veterinary and biology books. Samfunslitteratur publishes mainly in Danish, however, it also produces English language books under all four names.

21. Ibidem Verlag (Germany)
Ibidem-Verlag Publishing Co. is an academic publishing house that specialises in scholarly literature from a wide variety of research disciplines. Their catalogue has more than 1000 titles available for immediate delivery, focusing on the humanities, cultural studies and the social sciences. Additionally, Ibidem Verlag also provide fiction titles which are listed under Edition Noëma. They have two already well-established series called ‘Soviet’ and ‘Post-Soviet Politics and Society’

22. Ariadne Press (USA)
Ariadne Press was established in 1988 with the premise that Austrian literature is unique and deserves its own identity within the framework of German literature. Its aim is to spread the idea of an Austrian image to wider public awareness by making literature available to the reading public in general. Even highly recognised authors in Austria and Germany are often virtually unknown in the United States.
Ariadne Press specialises in translations of established and new authors; biographies and autobiographies; as well as scholarly works that provide a larger context and help make the major figures of Austrian literature from the 19th and 20th centuries accessible to an English-Speaking audience. It wishes to retain the level of a university press in terms of quality of literature and translation but at the same time provide readers at large with names and ideas they never would have encountered.

23. Museum of New Mexico Press (USA)
Founded in 1951, the Museum of New Mexico Press is an award-winning publisher of finely designed and crafted books that reflect the collections of the Museum of New Mexico and explores culture of the Southwest.
Specialisations include fine art and folk art, photography, Native Americana, the Hispanic Southwest, nature and gardening, and architecture and style.

24. Mage Publishers (USA)
Mage Publishers is an independent press founded in 1985. Publishing books of Persian (Iranian) literature and culture in English. (one of the best sellers is Food of Life -- 25th Anniversary Edition and Silk Road Cooking)

Top 24 Trade Publishers
1. Schiffer Publishing (USA)
Schiffer Publishing was established in 1974 to mimeograph, ring bind, and distribute books, and to bring out-of-print historical books about antiques back into circulation. Schiffer is family owned and specialises in non-fiction publications. Based in Atglen, Pennsylvania, its coverage includes antiques, architecture and design, arts and crafts, collectables, lifestyle and militaria.

2. Independent Publishers Group (USA)
IPG is the original independent book sales and distribution company in the United States. Their comprehensive sales and marketing approach, extensive account reach, and innovative digital services ensure access into every imaginable channel, including gift, specialty, wholesale, and digital accounts worldwide. Founded in 1971 it was the first organisation specifically created for representing titles from independent presses to the book trade.

3. Music Exchange (UK)
The Music Exchange (Manchester) is one of Europe’s largest distributors of sheet music with over 120,000 different titles in stock. They also specialise in graded books for number of instruments that can be used by students and teachers.

5. Midpoint (USA)
Midpoint Trade Books is a full-service book distribution company founded in 1996 by a group of industry professionals, including current President Eric Kampmann and Executive Vice President Chris Bell. Located in the Flatiron District of New York City, and represents independent publishers across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Midpoint prides themselves on retaining the same entrepreneurial spirit with which the company was founded.

6. Bull Publishing (USA)
Bull Publishing was founded in 1969 and specialises in Health and lifestyle publications including: Arthritis, childcare and development, Chronic diseases and conditions, diabetes, managing health, nutrition and healthy eating, psychology and self-help, weight loss, exercise and training and women’s health. Some of Bull Publishing’s bestselling publications include; ‘Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain’ and ‘Self-Management of Long-Term Health Conditions’

8. Edition Reuss (Germany)
The renowned book publisher Edition Reuss publish illustrated books in the areas of Art Photography, nature, and wildlife photography, as well as music CDs for relaxation. Founded in 1996 it has now become a renowned publishing house specializing in coffee-table books with aesthetic contents.

9. Ayurvedic Press (USA)
The Ayurvedic Press (TAP) is a division of The Ayurvedic Institute that primarily publishes Vasant Lad's new books and articles, but also publishes other traditional Ayurvedic and Vedic works

11. Edition Skylight (Switzerland)
Edition Skylight is a fine art publisher of outstanding photograph books. Focusing on the natural beauty of people and the world.

12. Lone Pine (Canada)
Lone Pine Publishing has created a library of books that celebrates the diversity and character of their backyards. There interests in nature, outdoor recreation and popular history has allowed them to publish titles of local relevance to enrich your appreciation of who we are as a people and a place.
As the coverage of their own region has deepened, they have broadened their reach to work with authors from other regions to develop exceptional titles. These include the Rocky Mountains, the West Coast, and the Great Lakes.
Based in Alberta, Lone Pine is best known across Canada and parts of the United States for its gardening books, bird guides and nature guides. Founded in 1980 when Canadian broadcaster and journalist Grant Kennedy set up the company in Edmonton and published the firm’s first book, entitled The Albertans. Since then, Lone Pine Publishing has published over 600 titles.

13. New Century (India)
New Century Publications (NCP), is a New Delhi based publishing house, established in 1999. Specialising in the publication of books on economics, commerce, management, politics, foreign affairs, women studies and environmental issues.
It particularly focuses on developments in the Indian economy, one of world’s fastest growing economies. Titles on various facets of the Indian economy, authored by distinguished scholars on the subject. With over 425 books to its credit, over the years, NCP has carved a niche for itself in the Indian publishing industry through the contributions and patronage of a galaxy of distinguished authors in India and abroad.

15. Blue Dome (Turkey)
Blue Dome Press specialises in scholarly and prestigious titles, primarily in the fields of interfaith dialogue, intercultural studies, art, and history. The mission of the Blue Dome is to promote and encourage works that contribute to common understanding and dialogue among different cultures, religions, and communities of the world.

16. Artigo (Switzerland)
Artigo based in Switzerland are the leading publishers of golf publications with a series of books including golf etiquet and tips for both the skilled and amature golfer. One of Artigo’s popular books with readers is ‘Golf Rules Quick Reference’.

17. Wilkinson Publishing (Australia)
Wilkinson Publishing is based in Melbourne Australia and focuses on a range of publications including biographies, business and management, comics and graphic novels, entertainment, environment, health, humour, lifestyle, money, sports, and true crime.

18. Bilingual (USA)
Bilingual specialise in language and phrasebooks in a variety of languages including: Arabic, Chinese, Dari, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more. The publications are created to learn languages for 10 minutes per day and our available as audio copies.

19. Woodbine House (USA)
Woodbine house publishes The Special – Needs Collection, they boast over sixty books on disabilities and related topics including AD/HD, autism, celiac disease, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, learning disabilities, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, early
intervention, inclusion, special education, communication skills, and more. Founded in 1985 Woodbine House prides itself on providing the highest quality and best value for parents, children, therapists, health care providers and teachers.

20. Original Falcon Press (USA)
Established in 2008 after the death of Alan R. Miller, Ph.D. (aka Christopher S. Hyatt),
The Original Falcon Press publishes all of Dr. Hyatt's works in addition to those of many other authors that you may already know: Antero Alli, Joseph Lisiewski, Peter J. Carroll, Phil Hine, Israel Regardie, Steve Heller and many more. Falcon is committed to maintaining and continuing the legacy begun in 1980: the publication of rebellious works that few other publishers would risk.

21. Joey Yap (Malaysia)
Joey Yap is a global bestselling author and publisher specialising in business and management publications. His books have been translated in to 7 different languages and has earned him the Merit award in the Asean Book publishers’ association.

22. Tomahawk Press (UK)
Tomahawk Press has an enviable reputation for producing books of outstanding quality – mainly focusing on Movies and Music. Described by Cinema Retro Magazine as “One of the best independent publishing houses of niche market title books in the world.

23. B. Jain (India)
B. Jain was established by Late Dr. PN Jain in 1966. For more than four decades the B. Jain group has been synonymous with quality-homeopathy. The Company started as a quality homeopathic book publisher and had the motto of providing books at reasonable price to spread homeopathy across India and globe. B.Jain books are now available with each and every homeopathic lover across the globe due to hard work and determination of the group.

24. Rosenberg (Australia)
Rosenburg was founded in 2002 by David and Scilla Rosenberg. They specialise in publishing small non-fiction books, that focus mainly on history and natural history. Their History portfolio consists: Maritime, Military, and Engineering, and Agricultural History. They also publish in the Natural Sciences. In 2009 David Rosenberg was awarded the George Robertson Service to the Publishing Industry Award for his many years and outstanding activity in the business.

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