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Paths International Ltd is a UK registered company established by British executive Paul Goulding in 2002. Paul Goulding began his career in international publishing in the early 1980’s commencing his regular visits to India and China. He was based in Singapore for more than thirteen years and held the position of President – Asia for Harcourt International Publishers, Times Mirror International Publishers and Addison-Wesley.

Paths International Ltd was established with the purpose of bringing high quality academic and professional content written and developed in Asia to Europe and North America. The company established successful co-publishing arrangements with several prominent publishers in India and continued to strengthen relationships with leading publishers in China.

The recent emergence of China as a major international publishing centre and the arrival of e-books and print on demand technology as an instant and global means for delivering content occurred almost hand in hand. Thus the company now has only one goal, mission and focus to provide:
“books about China from China in English and in Chinese”

Paths International Ltd is now making available to the international community books written by Chinese authors from some of the most prestigious Universities and institutions in the country. It offers a view of China from experts in China. Change in China is not a single event it is a process and many of these books bring clarity to the seeming blur of recent and ongoing change in China.

Chinese business, economics and finance are of vital importance to the world outside China and insightful analyses of these subjects are provided in many of the titles on this website. However an understanding and appreciation of China is incomplete without trying to examine China’s society, history and culture as well as its international relations. Therefore we attempt to frame a very broad canvas on which to present information about China. We work towards ensuring everything we publish in print or electronically in Chinese or in English is available in a format that can be accessed by our customers.

Paths International Ltd is proud to be publishing major new titles with Social Science Academic Press (CHINA), China Architecture and Building Press, Guangdong Economy Publishing House and other leading publishers. We look forward to strengthening existing relationships and building new relationships with publishers in China.

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